Torque Release Technique

Torque release technique

Featured on the Health Discovery Channel
Published in journals such as Nature and Molecular Psychiatry

Dr. Mike is one of two hundred people in the world who are Advanced Proficient Certified in Torque Release Technique (TRT) and one of fourteen people in the world who is a Torque Release Technique Fellow (highest honor). TRT is the first chiropractic technique created to conduct research. Since chiropractic entered its second century, this up-to-date, scientific, functional, neurological-based model is the most cutting edge technique available today.

Since Torque Release Technique is a specific analysis, we can identify where the nerve interference is down to the specific vertebral level. Then a very gentle, specific scientific chiropractic adjustment is given to realign the spine and remove nerve interference. This specificity creates better results that are longer lasting.

Torque Release Technique utilizes the Integrator, a torque and recoil release adjusting instrument which automatically discharges when a predetermined contact pressure is reached. The Integrator allows us to adjust the nervous system in a neutral position, without any twisting or cracking.

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