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5 star review 
Dr. Mike is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met! He taught me so much about chiropractic and the benefits of being under care. I had great results under his care and it is so nice to be under the care of someone you truly trust!"

Kent Daavettila

5 star review I highly recommend Bright Light Chiropractic with the utmost confidence to anyone looking for relief of pain or wanting to improve their overall health. Dr. Mike Hetterscheidt is a true professional and is very knowledgeable. He also genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients. You'll be blown away by the results you'll see after just one visit!”

Amanda Medcalf


5 star review Dr. Mike is a great source of encouragement in my effort to become healthier. He is treating my whole family now because he has helped each of us feel better with our individual back and neck issues. The office is a serene environment to just find an inner peace. I also loved the advanced technology he used that allowed me to see specifically where my true back issues are (NASA developed this process for its astronauts).”

Cyndee Masterson


5 star review I have seen Dr. Mike for 5 months for chiropractic care.  I have had all sorts of lower back issues, including sensitivity in my feet when wearing certain shoes.  I’m happy to say that I can wear any shoe that I’d like now (without inserts).  Dr. Mike has an honest and straightforward approach to chiropractic care, and I’m glad to have started my weekly routine with him.”

Miles Stephens


“ 5 star review I have been seeing Dr. Mike for about 3 weeks now. He uses a very gentle adjusting technique, but still gets the same results as traditional chiropractic. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking care!”

Max Rawlinson


5 star review I’m very impressed with the way Dr. Mike runs his practice. He takes time to listen thoroughly to my concerns and is genuinely invested in optimizing my health. Highly recommend him!”

Kristin McDermott


5 star review I've been seeing Dr. Mike for almost a year now. I am feeling better than I have a quite some time. Dr. Mike is patient, kind and very focused on helping his patients meet their health goals.”

Sue Young


"5 star review I’ve been seeing Dr Mike for about two months. He has already helped my pain & discomfort from scoliosis quite a bit. I trust his advice and care. His office is easy to find; it’s immaculate and welcoming.”

Lisa Cash


5 star review Dr. Mike is absolutely wonderful. I wasn't sure about chiropractic because I did not know a lot about it and what I could benefit from it. Dr. is so knowledgeable and explains how everything works. He really knows his stuff. I am more focused when I am at work and when I speak to people. My hip and back feel so much better. I feel like a new person. We are now working on my ankle and it is getting better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mike. His passion for people and getting them feeling better is far beyond what I expected!”

Nina Schloegel


5 star review Dr. Mike is passionate about helping people feel their best! With just a few treatments, I am noticing less pain, more mobility, and am sleeping better. The office is bright and clean and the practice is extremely well organized. Dr. Mike is eager to answer questions and provides different health related handouts each week. I'm so glad I found Bright Light!”

Lisa Vander Ley


5 star review Completely different approach to chiropractic from any place that I'd ever been a patient. I'm usually in/out in literally about 5 minutes--and he pretty much pinpoints whatever misalignment that I'm experiencing and deals with it immediately. I'm completely blown away usually by how well he gets right to the issue...Since my treatment plan is already in place, I schedule my appointments (often same day) with an App, scan in when I arrive, go to a table, get adjusted, pick up a handout and I'm out the door.”

Chad Clifford


5 star review Dr. Mike really has been a huge help in getting me feeling much better. He knows his stuff and really takes the time to understand what your problem areas are and then he takes that pretty cool tool of his and works magic. I've learned so much about what chiropractic can do for your well-being and recommend him to anyone that needs a good chiropractor that cares about his patients and getting them back into good shape.”

Alexandria Mundy


5 star review Dr. Mike is great! Professional, flexible, very easy to fit this chiropractor into a busy schedule!”

Bethany De Herrera-Schnering


5 star review Dr. Mike is awesome. I came for lower back pain but ended having everything feel better. The technology is different than anywhere else I have ever seen. And the kids zone keeps my 7 year old busy while I get my adjustments. Love this place!”

Amanda Sakach


5 star review I've seen several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Mike is by far the best. He doesn't do the traditional snapping and cracking. He is able to pin point the exact location whether it be in your spine, neck or even on your skull. Since I've been seeing him I've been able to stop taking medications that I thought I'd need to take forever.”

Heather McDougall


5 star review Quick, easy, and friendly! I'm continually impressed with the benefits of treatment!”

Sterling Hart


5 star review This is an awesome office. I would recommend it to anyone in search of a place to help you take charge of your health.”

Samantha Jennings


5 star review Dr. Mike is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He was patient with me and my needs while also educating me during the process of chiropractic care.”

Tiffany Gunther


5 star review Bright Light is a great practice! Without so much twisting or cracking, Mike helps your body to heal and gets you on the path to health! Clean, fresh, great-for-kids office! Easy scheduling and check in too!”

Tara Malouf


5 star review Dr. Mike has adjusted me a few times and it's going wonderfully. He's professional, passionate about what he does and the office setting serene. Thanks Dr. Mike!”

Nicholas Vrudny


5 star review It is hard to put into words how transformative my experience under the care of Dr. Mike has been. I was hesitant to the financial and time commitment that was outlined, but his treatment plan has been the difference maker in my health gains. I have been under the care of chiropractors on and off for almost 20 years. I have been in a few horrible car wrecks and suffered many sport injuries. I thought my constant pain was just how it was. His targeted techniques and addressing root causes on an intensive basis in the beginning was just what I needed. I had no idea! And I am feeling massive relief from headaches, depression and constant pain. My posture and affect have improved greatly and I am eternally grateful for putting my health into his hands.”

Jacqueline Rose


5 star review Dr. Mike's always listens to the status of your current condition and makes recommendations on what you can do to improve your health. His method of adjustment is less intrusive on your body than traditional Chiropractic treatments but the adjustments have the same great results.”

Dave Streifel


5 star review Dr. Mike is a miracle worker. When I first met him I was a little skeptical that he could help me. I had a very painful static nerve and was limping very bad. After about the 2nd visit with him I quit limping and felt 100 percent better. He helped me so much and continues to give me great advice and keeps me feeling fantastic. I tell everyone about him and what he did for me. As far as I’m concerned he’s the best!”

Connie DiDonato


5 star review As a Marine Corps veteran battling back pain, knee pain, headaches, and insomnia finding a place to get help has always been difficult. My sister and mother referred me and I can’t thank them enough for the referral or the Dr. Mike enough for the help he has provided in the short period I’ve been going for adjustments. After the first adjustment Dr. Mike told me I would “sleep like a champ” I admittedly went home skeptic of his statement but woke up the next day after a solid 10 hours of sleep! Something I have not accomplished in years. This place truly heals and educates at the same time.”

Chris Masterson


5 star review Mike is fully committed to his clients. Highly recommend.”

Steve McDermott


5 star review This office is family friendly, and welcoming! Dr. Mike does a great job, and is very professional. Highly recommend!”

Shayla Brown


5 star review Dr. Mike's systematic and conscientious approach, combined with his current technology, has really helped me. Would highly recommend him.”

James Davis


5 star review Focusing on holistic health, Dr. Mike, at Bright Light Chiropractic, not only serves to help others achieve a happier, healthier life through exceptional care, but was able to explain why and how chiropractic care helps.”

Christa Ebert


5 star review Incredible facility, a personalized treatment plan, Dr. Mike cares for his patients as an individual. I have experienced less pain, better sleeping, clearer thoughts and all within 2 short months.”

Paige Frye


5 star review Dr. Mike focuses on restoring your health and keeping your body afloat as life breaks down your body daily.”

Eugene Neese

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